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Hinged door cabinets

LISTA hinged door cabinets provide secure and orderly storage for a variety of items. All cabinets can be configured individually and adapted to your specific storage needs through the flexible use of partition materials and cabinet accessories.

Locking systems

Perfectly organised

with viewing windows made from UV-resistant, shatterproof acrylic glass

Secure locking

with solid sheet or viewing window doors (flush-fitting, folded from one piece) and intelligent locking systems

Can be adapted to new storage items at any time

with the flexible integration and rearrangement of drawers, pull-out shelves and adjustable shelves in increments of 25 mm

Flexible configuration options

with covers, perforated panels, suspension folder pull-outs, desk mounts and clothes rails

Optimum order and organisation

with optional installation of drawers and pull-out shelves for clear and orderly storage of small parts (for a cabinet depth of 580 mm)

High load capacities

load capacity of 60 kg or 100 kg per adjustable shelf, 50 kg per drawer/pull-out shelf

Well protected

protection from dirt, liquids and physical loads thanks to closed housing with impact-resistant and abrasion-resistant surface

Utmost stability

with housing load capacity of up to 500 kg


Individual partitioning and simple adjustment

The hinged door cabinets can be individually equipped with adjustable shelves, drawers and pull-out shelves.

Hinged doors with viewing windows

For greater transparency in the warehouse, the hinged door cabinets are also available with viewing window doors.

Available locking systems

Two locking systems, Key Lock and Code Lock, are available for all hinged door cabinets.