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The modular system


NC storage and transport systems made by LISTA give you the perfect solution for your tool logistics. Our NC modules not only provide professional storage in inserts specially optimised for your machining and cutting tools, but also a safe method of transporting them. Tools are stored in a space-saving and organised way and are always within reach and ready for use. That‘s not all: our NC modules can be individually equipped and can of course be freely combined with the entire LISTA system in order to make the best possible use of the valuable space in your production facility.

Safe, neat and orderly storage

in high-quality inserts made from break-proof, impact-proof and oil-resistant ABS material tailored to hold your cutting tools

Optimum use of space

because these high-capacity systems are not only space-saving, but the tools are just where you need them – right next to the machine

Customised and easy to assemble

using tool holders with snap fasteners for tool-free insertion and removal

Secure transport

thanks to robust and stable design

User-friendly and ergonomic

because tool holders can be fitted at an angle and shelves and drawers can be pulled out


NC storage in drawers

NC tools can be stored and organised in drawers, saving place and protecting them, in any of our drawer cabinets and drawer walls. The full extension of drawers then allows a clear overview and makes it easy to remove them.

NC storage in the LISTA Lift

You can also easily store and manage different NC tools in the LISTA lift. There is plenty of space on the trays for a large number of tools and they are brought to the access hatch at the push of a button.

NC storage in cabinets

In an NC cabinet the tools are stored using insert frames or tool cradles. Different housing models, drawers and adjustable shelves offer a wide range of configuration options.

Transport unit

The NC transport unit ensures safe and ergonomic transport. Equipped with an insert frame and/or tool cradle, this brings the tools right to the workplace.

NC storage in vertical pull-outs

Tools can be stored in vertical pull-outs, either placed in tool cradles or hanging in suspended inserts. This provides protective and compact storage in cabinets and shelves.

Bench stand

The NC bench stand can be used anywhere, and offers a secure and organised temporary storage place close to the workplace. Sloping tool cradles and insert frames simplify loading and unloading tools.